is CCW’s cafe racer style 250 CC motorcycle. The Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit a 60’s Rocker design reminiscent of the classic cafe racers built for speed & agility; these light weight motorcycles are perfect for hitting the local streets. Built with simplicity in mind the Misfit was designed for ease of customization & modification to maximize output & personality.

The Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit Video Details

The CCW Misfit offered at $3295 USD is an affordable bike for any collection; beginner or pro. It’s beautiful stock however if you want to maximize the Misfit’s street performance, we offer aftermarket exhaust systems, motor mods & sprocket kits. If you aren’t the wrenching type or want extra protection our certified technicians can install any upgrades prior to shipment. All genuine OEM & aftermarket accessories installed by PIT Motors LTD, carry our full warranty with guaranteed installation prior to delivery.

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