The Cleveland CycleWerks FXx

is CCW’s innovative 110 CC dirtbike. The Cleveland CycleWerks FXx is the latest development by CCW keeping with simplicity the FXx is a stripped down dirtbike built for backyard, urban & dirt riding. With a light weight durable design the FXx is easily transported to all your favorite spots – where will you go?

The Cleveland CycleWerks FXx Video Details

The CCW FXx offered at $2100 USD is an affordable 4 speed semi-automatic dirtbike for any collection; And a valid off road option for beginner or pro. Baring its twin 21” wheels the bike is the most unique off road product in the US market at this time. It’s beautiful stock however if you want to customize the FXx’s style or performance, we offer aftermarket exhaust systems & motor mods. If you aren’t the wrenching type or want extra protection our certified technicians can install any upgrades prior to shipment. All genuine OEM & aftermarket accessories installed by PIT Motors LTD, carry our full warranty with guaranteed installation prior to delivery.

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